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Matthew Amey’s work is influenced by his career as a professional tattoo artist, which has stretched over two decades. The figurative and illustrative aspects of tattoo art is difficult to suppress, and his tattooing experience has led to a desire to include some form of realism into fine art. Much of this work is rooted in painting, although recently he has been working with traditional printmaking methods and three-dimensional sculptural pieces. Recent works include a series of portraits in oil on canvas that depict various people with whom he interacts, a sculptural piece in which a glass of fresh water sits just out of reach atop a nine foot tall pedestal, and a series of screen printed images on paper that represent America’s cultural fascination with guns. The idea of using his work to inspire others to think is an exciting and fulfilling interaction for me. Starting a conversation through art is a complicated process that begins with imagination, rises through creation, and hopefully takes life as an inspiration to others. Matthew’s mantra: Imagine. Create. Inspire.

Matthew Amey

“The End of Innocence” Series

Matthew Amey

“Inspired by a return to college after a 20-year hiatus, tattoo artist Matthew Amey’s “End of Innocence” series encapsulates the artist’s personal meditations on the transience of youth and the uncertainty of adulthood.

He explores the implications of these reflective thoughts and feelings with a depiction of the nostalgic sentiment of freedom coupled with stark, gestural strokes and symbolic details. In the enthralling design, a child is suspended mid-swing while a flock of birds circles the tree’s branches. The tree represents stability, safety, comfort, excitement, and the all-encompassing love of family, while the birds represent the opportunities and challenges the child will encounter as he or she reaches life’s crossroads.

With its strikingly straightforward duality, the piece juxtaposes a child’s carefree nature with an adult’s projection of the future, using a personal and universal childhood experience as an opportunity for deep expression. Made in Newark, Delaware and hand signed.”

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