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Robert Schock

A native of Wilmington, Delaware, Robert Schock currently works in financial services.  Photography has always been a hobby of Robert Schock. Wherever he is a camera is always sure to be with him. You never know when the opportunity for that perfect photo will appear.  Along his daily commute to and from work, currently in West Chester, there is always something new to be seen. No matter what time of day the lighting is always different. Even passing a scene in a different direction provides a new perspective. Robert’s photography is not defined by one type of medium- though he does focus more on landscapes, nature, and the historic aspects of life.






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He also enjoys photographing his 2 boys’ sporting activities. Robert is a self-taught photographer and still considers himself a student. He is always learning new techniques, whether it is talking to other photographers he meets or learning from the internet as well as trial and error in the field.  Robert is most proud of earning 3rd place in his first photo competition, Plein Air Brandywine Valley 2012, with his photo entitled Entanglement. Most of all Robert sees photography as something that is enjoyable and gets him outdoors to places that most people only read about.

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