Plein Air Brandywine 2013 Winners

Painting and Drawing:

First prize, Heather Davis


Second prize, Susan Stephanski

Third prize, Monique Kenndikian-Sarkessian

Third prize, Mick McAndrews

Honorable mention, Cynthia Howar and Randall Graham


Artists’ Choice Award: Kathie Odom

Biggest Seller: Kathie Odom – 5 pieces sold


First Place: Bruce Burk photo

Second Place: Robert Schock

Third Place: Charles Stevens

Honorable Mention: Carol Grant Stevens

Biggest Seller: Patrick McCoy – 7 pieces sold

High School Seniors:

First Place: Deanna Wingel

Second Place: Ian Edstrom

Third Place: Grace Hunsinger

Honorable Mention:

Talia Borofsky

Chelsea Martin

Carolina Velazquez

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